A boy named Utpal. Every day he prepares his lesson beside the window, and he sees a girl watch him in front of his apartment. Every day he put a cloth on the window when the girl comes. He has a good friend. One day his friend did not go to college, so he went to his house. The boy was surprise when he reached his friend house. He saw a girl. He saw that this girl always looked him through the window. The girl was his friend’s sister. The boy did not say anything with the girl. He met with his friend and went away. After few days letter, he went his friend house again. His friend was not in home. The boy talked to the girl. Every day the boy came to the girl’s house and talk to her. One day the boy fell in love. The boy want marry the girl. So the boy told his friend “I want to marry to your sister”. Than his friend said “do you know everything about my sister.” The boy said “yes, I know everything”. His friend told him “do you know my sister is a blind girl”. The boy did not say anything to his friend. He came his house and sat beside the window. He saw the girl standing in the roof top. The boy was thinking why the girl was blind. What should do now? A strong wind flows in his mind. He could not take any decision. At that time the sky was cloudy and rain came. The girl wet in the rain, and the boy watch her and also watch the sky So dark cloud in the sky like his mind. That is life.

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