hey there,

great work everyone! big congratulations!!!

just curious when / if / why you only have a uk # for txt messages?


~ erin

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Hi there, Erin-

Thanks so much for your kind words, and for contributing your question here... I'm sure other users are wondering the same thing, so I'll go ahead and post the answer for all to see:

Our current UK Mobile Link number was selected for the Beta by Ankur Naik, our lead software developer, and Surj Patel,* an expert adviser in global telecommunications. After considering the publishing needs of our international demographic and assessing the range of services that might be used to meet them, they recommended this UK number to our product development team as the most cost-effective single "texting" option we could offer.

According to Ankur: "International text message raters from the US to the UK are 15 cents for TMobile and 25 cents for ATT and Cingular."

Our team knows it's crucial for our users to be able to instantly publish information from their mobile phones, and this current compromise represents our starting point. As we improve our site, we'll do our best to offer the additional telecommunications features and services you need.

We also are absolutely committed to reducing, eliminating or reimbursing the cost of participation for our community as we integrate mobile telecommunications and other emerging technologies into future versions of PulseWire. I encourage you to enter your own suggestions, comments or requests for improving this or any feature here in this group discussion. Your feedback will help select features and improve service in coming months. You may also send us an email using this form: http://beta.pulsewire.net/contact.

Warm regards,

Maria Jett, Online Community Director

**Surj Patel is the program chair for Tim O’Reilly’s Emerging Telephony conference, coming up in March, 2008. You can view his blog here: http://www.surjpatel.com/?q= and his bio here: http://conferences.oreillynet.com/cs/etel2007/view/e_spkr/2073.

Maria Jett