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Voilence against women Violence against women is a worldwide yet still hidden problem. Freedom from the threat of harassment, battering, and sexual assault is a concept that most of us have a hard time imagining because violence is such a deep part of our cultures and our lives. Violence against women is woven into the fabric of society to such an extent that many of us who are victimized feel that we are at fault. Many of those who perpetrate violence feel justified by strong societal messages that say that rape, battering, sexual harassment, child abuse, and other forms of violence are acceptable.


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Violence against women and girls is not only a gross violation of human rights, it is a fundamental obstacle to achieving gender equality and eradicating global poverty.

Hello AhdiHassan,

Thank you for sharing your thoughts on the important issue of violence against women.

This post would be great to submit to the Path to Participation initiative World Pulse just launched in partnership with No Ceilings of the Clinton Foundation!

Over the course of a month, until May 14th, World Pulse and No Ceilings are crowdsourcing stories in response to No Ceilings' recently released report on the status of women around the world. Community members will be sharing their stories and solutions on the topics of gender-based violence, girls' education, and health. 

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Dear Adhi Hasan,

Thank you for sharing your thought on Violance against women.

Violance against women is still rampant in some part of the world because of the social and cultural situation. There are many traditional particises such as female genticial mutilation which is socially accepted in particular cultures but scientifically it only brings negative effect to women. Thus, there should be more campaign to voice the eliminating of this improper practise.

In my country Indonesia, violence against women is a common practise because of the pathriarchy culture. However, some women just accept this situation because of social construction which makes the situation worst. Therefore, we need to voice out loud gender equality and women empowerment campagin so that the women know that they should be treated gently by men. 



 Hi Ahdihassan,

Thanks for sharing.

Domestic Violence is a very sensitive story for me and I'm greatful that you are bringing it up. An issue that brings a lot of suffering in woman's life. It put you also in a position that is very difficult to continuo, or start a new life.

Keep it up and once again thanks for sharing,


Dear Ahdihassan,

Thank you so much for sharing this story. Indeed, Violence Against women has remained critical problem of our societies across the globe including my country Ethiopia.

In my country Ethiopia as well, Violence against women is such a critical problem we working hard to reverse. Particularly, Violence against Women (VAW) is the root cause to the women often gets infected by HIV/AIDS. In the target communities, low income women experience Violence in terms of physical, psychological and economic among others. As the result, the women forced to find a way to earn income in commercial sex work which leads them to unsafe sex, opportunistic infections and HIV acquisition and/or transmission. Yet again, HIV+ recognized women, experience violence, stigma and discrimination because of their HIV status. This behavior becomes a gatekeeper for many HIV positive women not to disclose their HIV status and adhere to their medical treatments for fear of Violence, stigma and discrimination. Therefore, violence against women has been identified to be the root cause to many women infected by HIV/AIDS.

To address the root cause, for example, my organization – NLK is among many organizations working towards contributing to reversing the problem, in Ethiopia. Currently, NLK facilitates community based local activism to aware and gain skill to the target communities to end VAW. This is through systematic processes of engaging individuals, families, groups and institutions to play their respective and joint contribution to influence nonviolence based relationships; and balanced power between women and men in the target grass root communities.

NLK established strategies for community involvement towards reversing the problem. These strategies include: local activism, communication materials, media and advocacy and Training. Respect to each strategy there are number of activities will be carried out.NLK will train volunteer community Activists (CAs), facilitate community conversation, campaign, IEC/BCC materials production and distribution and media soap opera (a serial drama performance).

NLK, moreover, monitor and track progress regularly with community evaluation team comprises of NLK women, volunteer community activists and stakeholders.. The team track outcomes of the effort using strong measure of indicators such as knowledge, attitudes, skills and behavior towards achieving goal of nonviolence based relationships; and balanced power between women and men in the communities. Your story is really appreciated and we proud of being part of reversing the problem.