Her pink long hair Bounces in the breeze like the waves of the sea.

She stands on the post of an old street lamp wearing a mini skirt, a hanging blouse and a two inch high heels.

Across the street stands a man, giving her sharp looks monitoring her every moves to get her job well done.

She laid back on the steel letting her chewing gum ease the deep cutting pain brought by the thought; She's a prostitute.

If only she had a choice Her father was jailed Her family in hunger and in every single day they never had proper meals.

Standing next to her is a very young girl with perfect curves at fifteen Then she wonder Is this girl's family in hunger too?

At the back of her mind are the painful screams, a cry for her and her sister flesh seller They were used, abused, bedded by many men.

Her screams stop when a man comes to pick her up and as she follows, she whispers,

"...tonight my dignity will be stained again"

Published in WUNRN's global listSERVE Aug.13,2010

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What a powerful poem! You should look up the book: Missing Sarah - its about a sex-trade worker who was murdered by Robert Pickton in British Columbia. The book includes diary excerpts of Sarah's beautiful poems.

I love your passion for poems my dear...keep up the beautiful work you are doing........Do not forget about VOF...

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