Yet Another Domestic Worker's Rantings

Airyn Lentija-Sloan
Posted November 9, 2010 from Philippines

(Inspired by different stories of Domestic Worker's I have meet)

Swallowing the pride in solitary times you can't say no becomes an artistic way to us, Overseas Contract Workers. I'm not so sentimental or hungry for anything that a normal individual sometimes feel but am neither blind nor deaf to this unique art.

The art of kicking your butt out of bed even your eyes refuse to open because it's winter and your body is freezing. Not even a little less of four hours sleep cured your tiredness. And here you go again forcing yourself to get up before the break of dawn.

The art of keeping quiet at times when employers are inconsiderate and giving you task not stated in the contract you signed like supervising their son's homework, cleaning their parent's house, painting from roof top to walls and going to their friend's house for dinner and clean all their mess after.

The art of swallowing the pain with eyes closed and follow the commands of the "highnesses" with rambling stomach because the fridge is empty of the things for you but full of foods exclusive for them. That's where the art of hiding biscuits on the pockets follows. Eating them in silence while your hands, your tired hands never stops stroking back and forth brushing the dust from ceiling to floor.

All these and more of the other normal maltreatment of employers to employee, who left their paradise back home for the sake of a better future seeking greener pastures on a foreign land with tears and sweat as their weapons.

You will be lucky enough if you hear stories of our kind who enjoys the fruit of their labors back home, our kind whose families are in the right direction... towards success...a better future.

But for those who almost shed their blood from day one until their contracts end serving their heartless employers working to the bones just to hear bad news at the end of the day... unfaithful husband...pregnant daughter... an addict son...a broken family.

Few of the bad prices for the unlucky dollar earners, who every time open their eyes in the morning and saw a pale light of the sun that gives them hope, reminds them of a new day but oftentimes that sun losses its rays and greets them with pain instead and the only thing these dollar earners do is to get up...take a deep breath... and sadly sigh : "Yet another hell on earth."

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