A Child Bride's Tale Airyn R. Lentija

Only a stationary pain resides in her heart, Like a tainted lake it never flows; And though her all was torn apart -- His badness grows.

She wept under the bosom of darkness, Built strong fences around her fears; Her burning insanity stirred her weakness -- To save his ears.

Her tiny mind screened in malnutrition, As it considered to need less food than his; Of what she prepared she took less-- The devil's bliss.

Because her youth fled that day, at Noon he pulled down her pants and wandered; She begged the breeze to hear her plea, but -- He raped her.

She was fifteen and had a wedding ring, Locked and frozen without mirth; An infinity symbol of child trafficking -- A hell on earth.

He had owned her for few rupees, And sold her organs to brokers; Who bought her from her family-- The exploiters.

A Child Bride's Tale—© Airyn R. Lentija 2010 (This poem were published by the Asian Human Rights Comission(Human Rights and culture) and WUNRN)

Take action! This post was submitted in response to Ending Gender-Based Violence.

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A heart breaking poem but beautifully written. I love how you illustrate that when a girl marries against her will her husband takes her life away. Her self esteem, youth, strength, courage, and dignity unable to shape her own fate. Her life is now painted with dependence, burden, and neglect. Does the South Pacific have many issues with children brides?

Dear Carri,

Thank you so much for your beautiful comment.This poem was inspired by children who were forced to marry at a very young age due to poverty.There were lots of stories ive have read that really broke my heart.Thats why i decided to write for them.To voice out maybe a little of their pain that i was feeling while reading their stories.I dont know if South Pacific have many issues with childen brides,i guess yes in some muslim countries.

Again thank you so much.

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