About Me: I am an agriculture lecturer from little university in North Maluku,the East part of Indonesia. Because I come from rural area and far from central government, I do not have access and limited information on the right time to get scholarship from Education Ministry of Indonesia. Although that,I try to follow the master courses at Agricultural Systems & Engineering,SERD in Asian Institute of Technology,Thailand with fighting to look for funding sponsor because as rural area with difficult access, my Certificate of Admission were gotten late to me. I really sure this is very complicated for me as a woman, but I must try this to make sure I can fight some rights in local communities. Because I believe some of people equities just can be encountered by improving education,including reduce poverty and increase quality of life of human being in rural area. I hope there are some responses from abroad about gender equity in Indonesia,not only in west Indonesia where have many accesses from global organizations but also in east Indonesia where many people in the world never hear our voice. How we can improve our capacities if central government just explore some of potential resources of our region without balance compensation of economic welfare to local communities because they do not have enough education and fear to new conflict again.

My Passions: Improve the gender education equity in my local communities

My Challenges: Solve many reals problems in my region and share together in global communities

My Vision for the Future: There are same access and opportunities for local gender in my region

My Areas of Expertise: Agriculture and Education

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