He was presumably born a boy but grew up as a girl. Alas! George became Georgina. Confusion in this story does not take away my interest in hermaphrodites, (people born with two sex organs) and later grow up into women as a result of sex change perhaps due to dominant female genes, upbringing or reasons best known to them.

In Africa, a continent filled with everyday tragedy, the subject of sex change is unheard of. Hermaphrodites at birth were traditionally thrown in the river, split into two or cast away together with their mother unlike Australia which has just welcomed transgender people in passport application as indeterminate sex. It was Georgina’s experience that led me to an online journey, a discovery that few minds could find comfort in and internet succeeded where most had failed.

Georgina was intensively bombarded with hurls of insults by many who previously knew her sexual orientation. Apparently, her female genes were dominant and having been brought up as a boy during her teens, she woke up one morning to cramps and heavy menstrual flow as her breasts subsequently grew larger and larger. She evidently turned out female and an expensive surgery had to be conducted to save her face. Toothless and dejected, she was psychologically distressed. We can talk about her emotional turmoil until the cattle come back home but she sought refuge working at a tavern, as drugs and alcohol took the best of her. In the quest of helping her, I begun an online research landing on several women empowerment organizations which could particularly have her story out as well as ground research.

I landed on this site after receiving a Facebook inbox from an organization that has done a good job in advocating for women empowerment IRI (International Republican Institute Uganda) as regards participation in Voices Rising, a few hours before registration deadline and immediately joined the site. I must confess to the fact that this is the place I always longed to be so that I could learn, share and connect with many. My personal vision is a realization that our dreams are too big for us to grow in them. Nothing is too good to be true and my dream of seeing Georgina’s untold story out to a wide audience particularly comprised of women, mother’s of the universe is out and hoping that people will have an empathetic perception towards the few in Georgina's shoes.

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Transgenders in India too face discrimination. Now to some extent the government is taking steps to help them. One of our friends here in Pulse and a transgender in my city who went to the US for her studies say that the situation is not any different even in developed countries.


India is lucky to have the government backing them up. In developing countries particularly Africa, it is unheard of but i wish them luck in life.I felt touched by her story and as a result, thought i could help her by sharing her story.

Thank You, Monica.

Be faithful in small things because it is in them that your strength lies.

Hello dear. It is a good cause you are fighting for and coming from a society such as Uganda and with the recent killing of David Kato, you are brave and committed to be taking up the fight for LGBTIs. I commend you for that.

Thank You Madube,

I understand what you mean, I have not been on the frontline against that campaign, but it was so sad to meet an old childhood playmate having gone through so much turmoil and that is why i decided to air this story.

Be faithful in small things because it is in them that your strength lies.

Dear Akech

A few years ago, a man from one of India's richest families (who owned one of the country's largest group of industries) underwent a sex change, becoming a woman. He was over 30 and for him, after 30 years of imprisonment in a man's body, it was the first chance to live life. But the media made such a fuss, if you collected the gossip items, you could fill up a house! Now, if this is how a mega rich person is treated, can you imagine the torture an ordinary person faces ?

But because there are problems, we have a reason to fight. Keep fighting!

Stella Paul Twitter: @stellasglobe

Hello Stella,

I would love to hear more about that story. This is a topic hardly tackled here and i'm glad we can share stories and experiences.

Regards, Monica.

Be faithful in small things because it is in them that your strength lies.

There is so much we don't know yet, still people are quick to make judgements and have opinions based out of fear rather than facts or compassionate acceptance for those things we do not yet understand. I'm glad you posted this story. It reminds me that the struggles and hardships people like Georgina face are not brushed aside or thrown into the river. We can not learn from what we are not willing to face straight on. Thanks G.E. Cooper

Thank You Georgina for your comment. I am aware that there is so much we don't know yet and it is our duty to learn and share as much as we can with the rest of the society. You are so right we can not learn from what we are not willing to face straight on.

Best Regards, Monica.

Be faithful in small things because it is in them that your strength lies.

The issue of sex change or even being born a hermaphrodite is taboo in Nigeria. Some are still trying to wrap their minds about homosexuality and homophobic crimes are even encouraged. But in this case, the victims may be seen a laughing stocks. The very idea of sex change is even incomprehensible to many.

Hi Akech,

This is definitely a subject I would like to read more about.I am glad someone referred you to this site You have brought out the issue in a clear and concise way.

I also like your mantra - our dreams are too big for us to grow in them.

Keep writing,



A candle looses nothing my lighting another

Thank You, It takes two to tango right? I am also glad that someone reffered you to this site and yes you could research more about this subject and share more.

Keep writing too.

Thanks, Monica

Be faithful in small things because it is in them that your strength lies.

Hello Aketch, I think you are spot on congenital disabilities that people in developing world experience.Some of this things can be corrected very easily during childhood.It is only that health care in Africa is taken as second hand business.I am with you in the pains that this lady underwent,and this are some of the conditions as a nurse provider,that challenge your purpose of caring when resources are limited. Thank you dear

Lucia Buyanza Reproductive Health

Hello Lucia,

Thank you for taking time to read my post. If these are some of the challenges you face as a nurse, i respect your profession. You must be a strong woman and i commend you for that. Keep up with the good job, we shall be there to support you.

Best regards.

Be faithful in small things because it is in them that your strength lies.

Hi Akech,

The original creation is not our making. Learning to accommodate diversity is what human rights work is all about. Mothers rock their babies, be they boys, girls or any other creation. Georgina feel safe, we are not in a position to judge any identity.


Hi Amie,

I am glad that you are among the many who are not in a position to judge and please spread the message to many. Thank you for taking time to read my post.

Best Regards Monica.

Be faithful in small things because it is in them that your strength lies.

Thank you for an excellent piece about a topic that's too often overlooked. You've done a wonderful job of introducing the issue of sex change through Georgina's personal story. Through this piece, you've used your voice as a powerful tool to educate others, and your vision is inspiring.

Great job!

Deb Engle

Debra Landwehr Engle www.goldentreeco.com www.tendingyourinnergarden.com

Thank you for your piece on a often forgotten or taboo topic in so many countries especially in Africa. It is inspiring to hear that you have taken the steps to educate yourself through sites like these to connect and stand in solidarity for Georgina...its vital to know that we are not alone in our struggles...

You are a leader in your community and a powerful woman!


Chantelle, I am inspired by your kind words. You too are a powerful woman.

Be faithful in small things because it is in them that your strength lies.

Its so sad that the trans genders in my community go through alot of conflicts when they are trying to self identify.they endup being withdrwan,suicidal,angry at life and frustrated.even in the LGBTI community there is usually a controversy when it comes to incorporating the T's and I's.I think is a subject that should be approached more ardently to make people understand and to also help self identify within themselves .

VERA ATIENO Voices of Women In Western Kenya