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Adepeju (Mabadeje)

Breaking the Rings of Human Trafficking

Thanks for sharing this post. Human trafficking is a serious issue that needs urgent attention. I recently came in contact with an organisation called Lutra Jeunes based in Burkina Faso while they were in Nigeria to return 2 rescued victims of trafficking to their families. The girls were both 15yrs old. The NGO has repatriated about 150 victims to Nigeria since 2009 but their greatest concern is that the borders are so porous that the traffickers have little or no trouble moving these young girls across in large numbers. They showed a documentary in which you can see the terrible conditions under which these girls are forced to work as sex workers in Burkina Faso. Many of them die and the corpses cannot even be identified. It is a desperate situation indeed.

I believe that we need to make more efforts to reach the local communities to educate parents and caregivers on the dangers of allowing or encouraging their daughters to be lured away for "greener Pastures". They should also be made to know that even though they traffickers promise to take them to Europe, most of them will either die en route or end up re-sold in one of the border African countries. My organisation is currently working with Lutra-Jeunes to plan community sensitisation activities in the Niger Delta to show this documentary and engage local leaders to initiate anti-trafficking sanctions in their communities. With this, maybe we can make a reasonable dent in the pool of young girls in our locality who are available for the traffickers to prey on.