About Me: My name is Alex and I am from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. In 2011 I graduated from the University of Minnesota - Twin Cities where I studied Spanish, French and Wolof. I have been quite fortunate in this life in that I have had the opportunity to live in Argentina, Chile, Peru and Senegal. But I would like to take this moment to speak a bit on my most recent trip to Senegal because I feel it has held the greatest impact on my own personal growth and what I inspire to do with my life.

In Senegal, I studied in Dakar and then moved to the rural village of Keur Samba Gueye (near the Gambian border) where I volunteered at a local clinic. In the mornings, I helped the only nurse of the village help take down patient information, take vitals, test for malaria and HIV, administer polio vaccinations, prepare for stitches and injections, and organize medicine and supplies. In the afternoons, I helped the only midwife of the village and her assistant. I helped take down patient information, vitals during routine checkups and helped women in labor feel as comfortable as possible.I also spent many sleepless nights at the clinic helping deliver babies!

It was this incredible experience, much different from the world I knew, that made me come to the realization that I want to use my language skills to not only ease communication across cultures but to effectively inform people of the realities of others. I believe that if we can better understand the roots of another person's cultures and values, we can work more effectively together in order to achieve growth and change.

It is an honor to be translating for World Pulse, such an incredible avenue for women of the world to connect and achieve greatness!

My Passions: Languages, Sewing, Running, Reading and Sunshine

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"Discovery consists not in seeking new lands but in seeing with new eyes." ~Marcel Proust