Hi all:

Just a reminder to newer folks that we hold a weekly call on Wednesday at noon. Info for the call is the same every week. Please see below:

Preliminary Agenda

Quick intro - new members


1) Discussion of OUTREACH and possible Outreach Sub-ctte

-what's been done to date -Priority and upcoming next week in Haiti: Michelle, Alice, Taina, AC - needs and tasks (to do) including email flyer etc.

2) update on MEDIA project - - update from Beverly Bell and other media projects (AC) - World Pulse and its role in PotoFanm (AC, Jade)

3) Update from Lambi (will invite Karen, Leonie to join in and update us) and update from Dwafanm (will invite Berlotte to join in and update us)

3) any upcoming forums, events to add to calendar

4) organizing May conf. calls (AC, Taina in Haiti for May 28 call. Who can moderate, organize call?

Also: Picking co-moderators for May calls and a call Secretary for May Please join us

One Hour Call planned.

Please email with any other suggestions for critical items. -ac

Time: Wednesday, April 21, Noon EST

Conference call-in number: 1-270-400-2000 Password: 162475#

Please join us!