Facebook name change update

Alice Backer
Posted April 21, 2010 from United States

Hi all,

Bad news is: Facebook does not allow name changes of fan pages. In order for us to change our name there, we would have to delete our current page and start a new one, which is quite unfortunate as we have accumulated an impressive historical timeline already. Facebook will also not change the name for us if we email them (they say this upfront.)

Good news is: - I changed the logo on the page to PotoFanm+Fi; - I sent an email to all fans saying our name has changed as well as posted info to our Twitter and to the Facebook page; - Facebook launched its new username feature this week which allowed us to choose a url name for our facebook page and I chose Potofanm for that. So the page's url is now http://www.facebook.com/PotoFanm AND ****a search for PotoFanm in Facebook leads to the page!!!!****.

For all of the above reasons and specifically because of the last two, I am leaning against deleting our existing page AND loosing all our existing content AND loosing fans AND undergoing a long-winded migration process.

(Please do a search yourself in Facebook for Potofanm to test this.)

Just thought I'd share my reasoning.

Best, Alice

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