Hi all,

No one has weighed in negatively on monday being the stand-in time for our media calls (potentially every 2 instead of every monday) so I am going to assume that it works for most.

That said, this next monday is a conference in DC about new media projects in Haiti that Anne-Christine pointed out to me Thursday and that I am planning to attend on behalf of PotoFanm. If anyone else wants to come along, please let me know. Conf. is 7:45 am to 1 pm Eastern so I am wondering if we can do the call at something like 6 pm Eastern (giving me time to be back in NY) time instead of noon this Monday.

Please let me know.


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Dear Alice,

Thanks so much for this note, and have a wonderful time at the conference, which looks invaluable! Wish I could attend! I'm not sure I can do 6pm tomorrow myself, but please go ahead if everyone else can do it. Otherwise, I'd love to hear all about the conference next Monday, and hope we can schedule our usual time then. If I find I can attend at 6pm, I will, so plz send an invite my way.

I will also be submitting what you requested this week, and apologies for the delay. It has not been out of sight...I've just been out of my mind :)))...with projects.

With greatest appreciation and best wishes (as well as bon voyage!), Janet

Hi all,

Out of those who have responded, a critical mass can do 3pm eastern today so 3pm eastern/ Noon pacific it is. (Unless others weigh in ASAP a way that puts the critical mass elsewhere.)

Hope to see those who can make it there.

Best, Alice