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A human being and Nature is one harmonious whole. You can never find two identical snowflakes; there is more than one color in a rainbow, vast diversity of climatic zones, flora and fauna of the Earth is amazing. There are no worthless people- everyone is an element of existence. A rainbow can’t be a rainbow without one single color.

I am a citizen of The Russian Federation in general and The Republic of Buryatia in particular. The Republic is situated between East Siberian taiga massive and endless steppes of Mongolia. Buryatia is a particular region of natural beauty with its rich flora and fauna, the unique Lake Baikal – great and overwhelming in its splendor, vast valleys, full-flowing rivers, and snow-capped peaks. Although Butryatia is situated in continental climate zone, the number of sunny days here exceeds the same index of some southern regions of Russia with gentler climate. Buryatia is a home of representatives of more than 150 nationalities, namely: Russians, Buryats, Evenks, Ukrainians, Mongols, Jews, Germen, Chinese, Tatars, Tajiks, Armenians, Georgians and many others.

But harmony and tolerance are not universal.There are places where people won’t live in peace with each other. There is a well-known problem in Russia which it wants to keep in secret from other nations: racism, xenophobia and ethnical discrimination. It is painful for me to speak about the representatives of Buryat nation (and not only this nation alone) who were murdered in European part of Russia where they arrived only to get education or in search of jobs. Racial crimes have been committed in civilized cities of The Russian Federation and especially in Moscow and Saint-Petersburg -the political and spiritual centers of the country- annually for a number of years. There exists a raw of racist organizations that work in different directions to multiply hatred and intolerance among people. Russia claims to be modern democratic state, but it is not true as long as there are xenophobia, chauvinism and discrimination. Unfortunately, a number of those who support this trend is growing.

In Moscow you can easily be physically abused in the middle of a day in public transport – young people go through cars in underground and beat non-Europeans.

In the town of Sergiev – Posad some Muslims were abused right in the mosque: a group of skinheads armed with armatures, spades and bricks stormed into the mosque. They beat parishioners and local religious organizations coordinative center director – Arslan Sadriev.

Lamar Crawford from Pennsylvania, a student of Volgograd State University couldn’t even imagine that he would face hostility because of the color of his skin. In the same city unknown people pelted the room of the student hostel with petrol bombs only because there lived Indian students.

In the city of Vladivostok (The Far East) Japanese, Chinese and Koreans are often subjected to physical abuse.

In the city of Voronezh a Frenchman Arthur Clemesh was was beated and robbed and 24 year old Amar Lima from Guinea was murdered.

A Lebanese and a Syrian students were stubbed right in front of the central entrance of Kuban State University.

There can be given a number of anti-Semitic acts examples that took shape of acts of terror and aggression, were sounded in public addresses. Libel and abuse of the Jews appears in mass media. There should be mentioned a fact that provoked broad resonance in society: shortly before a memorable date of Oswiecim prisoners’ liberation, 500 of public figures among which there were 20 deputies of the State Duma, representatives of the communist and “Rodina” parties signed an appeal to Prosecutor General's office claiming to open an official case in order to prohibit activity of all national and religious Jewish organizations.

In Saint – Petersburg – a cultural capital of The Russian Federation, Ouyan Daphan , a musician of Petersburg conservatory was beaten on Nevsky avenue. 20 teenagers killed a Vietnamese student. 9 years old Tajik girl Khursheda was killed on her way home from skating rink.

Unfortunately it is difficult to find out exact number of fascism victims as the facts are kept secret. Among those which are known there are more cases of abuse of middle east representatives (Tajics, Kazakhs, Uzbeks), Russian Asian peoples representatives (Tuvins, Buryats, Yakuts), Caucasian peoples representatives (Chechens, Georgians, Asetins), Africans, Chinese. Among victims of racial intolerance in Russia are also Malians, Vietnamese, Albanians, Indians, Rwandans, Palestinians and many others. Racist organizations exist in more than 95 cities and towns of the Russian Federation.

According to statistical data the number of Russia citizens with xenophobic attitudes is between 60 and 70%. More than half of the Russian believe that representatives of other nationalities are public enemies. About 70% of Russians support the “Russia is for Russians” slogan.

A well-known sociologist Mark Urnov says: “radical authoritarianism in Russia is alarmingly widespread, there is a huge potential of aggressive nationalism also known as fascist authoritarianism. It is reflected in violence directed at those who we call non-Russians, especially Caucasians, Chinese and Jews. Concerning the Western world, there also exists xenophobia in Russia, but it is rather ideological, it was formed in Soviet Era, when there was an ambivalent attitude and supremacy and inferiority of a western person”.

There is no basis in Russia for democratic and liberal values; no social class can be their bearer. Political system and general atmosphere in the country are becoming more and more chauvinistic. Urnov believes that there is a possibility for Russia to become a fascist country. Some political forces are quite ready for it.

The government and the Country leaders are passive and indifferent. There is no social policy that would try to solve the growing problem. The situation is worsened by the fact that racial crimes are often treated as common crimes, felonies and many facts remain secret from the society in order not to attract attention.

As a result – citizens of Buryatia in particular and many other nations leaving in Russia in general can’t feel safe in our own country. After buryats Nickolai Prokopiev and Bair Sambuev were murdered, there were a number of appeals to government and the President personally, but nothing has been done.

Every day bring new acts of intolerance that often remains unpunished. May be right now somebody becomes a new victim of this cruel and unfair attitude.

I appeal to “World Pulse” organization to attract attention to these crimes and to help smaller peoples of Russia and other countries.

Let’s join hands and save children, old people, women, men, the whole culture and life of different nations.

Peoples are different- like flowers. That is how the Nature works. Every person’s life is precious. A flower without one single petal is not perfect anymore.

Take action! This post was submitted in response to My Story: Holding Hands.

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Thank you for sharing your story Alina. It is very heartbreaking to witness this much tomoil in the world as is it today. It is important for all of us to see beyond our race, creed and religion and embrace each other. It is my prayer that we shall one day experience universal peace with everyone holding hands.



Alina, Thank you for providing insightful and compelling background information into the issues surrounding race and ethnicity in Russia. We are honoured to have you in our community and I know that we will benefit from your wisdom and heart. Your voice is a powerful instrument and together, we can effect change.

Voices, such as your own, have transformed lives and I look forward to reading more from you. Here, you can never speak too loudly or say too much. Your words ring out and bring ideas to life. You can empower others who have been hesitant to speak and show them that indeed, together we can create a future where anything could be possible. We know so little about your region and so turn to you to educate us and draw support from us. Don't stop writing -- your voice is so vital for a peaceful Russia.

Again, welcome and thank you for joining PulseWire. Janice

Thanks for your comments Fatima and Janice.

Problems of ethnic discrimination are actual and in the modern global world.

And people should work over this problem. Not be passive.