With every day and every new challenge the world faces my vision for the future changes. Whilst every day there are such strong positive messages being sent out into the world. The growing rebellion for democracy in the Mideast, the voice of women here and the demand for scholarship and education worldwide. All these things provide hope, and the indication that we are heading in the right direction. Yet the challenges that need to be overcome, letting those with hidden voices shout, getting clean water and food to everyone, not just those rich enough to feed human food to animals, and helping the earth to recover from the pillaging and plundering that has been done on our, and our ancestors watch. Some days drawing the planet and my community towards all the good futures, not just the easy ones, seems like trying to make water run up hill. But I have a vision for equality, and health, and freedom and joy. I wish to live a sustainable positive life, where I give back so much more than I might ever take. I want to do this through living, writing, working, cooking and talking. I want to live a fulfilling life that can be one of many examples to people suffering from closed ears and closed minds, and I want to show people how they can change the world. I will share stories that I hear from everywhere, and spread the message that so many people, even those seemingly different and far away are all striving to do what we are doing, trying to live the best life that they can. I also will help find a way for the environment to be helped, for the earth and land to be restored. In my community I wish to see the community come together. We worked so well together when our city flooded in January and I would love to help everyone use that same spirit and determination to hold ourselves together and become more resilient in the face of the storms that are to come. We should be welcoming to those who come to our shores in need, and generous to those elsewhere who need a hand up in bad times. Just as we do, our pride should never stop us from giving or receiving help. My vision for myself as a communicator is to show that by working towards a better community for those in need we are helping everyone including ourselves. To show people that hope is not something transient waving as it wafts in the breeze, but a tangible thing that we can hold in our hands and use to make the world a fairer and healthier place. That the goals we have are not so hard or far away, and that the rewards will by far outweigh the costs. I have such fun imagining an open, sustainable and innovative world which draws on all its strengths, female or male, young or old, no matter race or creed. I want to be a Voices of Our Future Correspondent to build my skills in communicating the needs of all people, all women and children to those who do not wish to hear them. To those who are so lost in misery and commercialism as to have lost connection with those they love and the land. To those people who are commanding our world to be so masculine and angry. To bring the voices of those who cannot be heard to those who will not listen. I want to learn how to do this with calm integrity and to speak so that people listen and are changed. The world has lost a sense of hope and has no apparent common goal. I wish to change this.

Take action! This post was submitted in response to Voices of Our Future Application: Your Vision.

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Dear amaltr, I encourage you to continue your efforts to work for a more sustainable, more equitable and gentler earth while opening up the ears of those who close theirs to the needs of so many people globally. You are very wise in realizing that "pride should never stop us from giving or receiving help." This was a lesson I learned as a teacher in New York during 9/11 when so many people people across our country reached out to alleviate the pain of my students. Good luck in your endeavors, rozjean

Amaltr, I know that Australians take the charge to sustain their corner of th planet quite seriously. So I look forward to your putting the word out there to remind the rest of us that we must share the earth's resources in order to wind up with anything at all. Thanks! Johanna

I really like the phrase "sustainable positive life." You capture so much with those three little words. Helping your community is the first step is making strides towards helping the entire global community! Good luck,