Define Your Spirit Volume Six - The Weekly Line-up

Amanda Houck
Posted September 15, 2013 from United States


Define Your Spirit: Personal Discovery - Unlock your spirit’s door.

Where does your spirit live? When’s the last time you went knocking on her door? If you’re like me, before my holistic personal branding work, never. How patiently she waits for us. Her glow in the shadow of our disconnectedness. She is there in all of us. We just need to find the courage to dig deep and find her. When we knock, she will open with total unrequited joy.


Define Your Spirit: Personal Development – Limits

When we are very young, most of us learned about limits all day long. “You can’t walk in that room. We don’t want the carpet dirty.” I once heard this from a friend’s mother. Limits like this one have a purpose to the person who is setting it when you are a child. The challenge lies in our biological make-up. Once we hear about a limit and/or learn that limits are important in life, we tend to live a life in our own small world of limits. While uncovering our true nature, we are simultaneously removing limits that no longer suit us. With limits, we look through a lens that color codes what’s possible and what is not possible. This lens distorts our reality. A lot of our values are based on these distortions.


Entrepreneurship: Focus

Entrepreneurship could be considered a test on focus. Suddenly, WE arrange our days’ schedule. We determine what to spend the most time doing. It has been said, and I believe it to be true, “The more focus you put on something, the greater the results.” It is not always our preference or opportunity to sit down and just focus on something, but what is critical is to know what we are focusing on. This keeps us on the path to success in all areas of our lives.


Define Your Spirit Synthesis – Authentic Awareness

As you begin the process of synthesizing your real values, ethics and priorities into your life, you’ll start to notice things about yourself. One day, I woke up and realized I was no longer feeling the early morning jitters about getting ready for work. I was more relaxed. It wasn’t my biggest priority. Taking care of myself in those pre-work hours was now my priority. I started to become aware of how fast or slow I was talking or really doing anything. I realized that I could be more mindful if I slowed down. It really felt great. These are two examples of the silent synthesis that you will see naturally taking place. You will begin to be more aware of yourself and others.


Define Your Spirit Personal Development – Positive Outlook

I will discuss exercise a lot when it comes to positive outlook. Yesterday on my run, I ran the full distance of the path without stopping for the first time and on the way back I walked a little bit, and stopped another time. It was a good run for me. Today, my outlook wasn’t as positive. I felt pressure to do the same or better than I did yesterday. I certainly tried. I did run the whole way on the path, but on the return, I stopped three times. Only for less than 10 seconds, but I still stopped. I felt badly about stopping, but realized that I need to keep a positive outlook. Hey, I got up and did the run. That’s something to feel positive about.


Entrepreneurship – Mission

Mission is something that many of us equate with a corporation. What is a personal mission? Your personal mission is a statement that defines your life purpose as you live it everyday. A mission is usually made up of something you want to happen and something you are doing to realize it. My mission is to inspire female entrepreneurship, so that women can be true to their nature in every area of their life. With love, Amanda earn_yours_income

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