Where does your spirit live? When's the last time you went knocking on her door? If you're like me, before my holistic personal branding work, the answer was never. How patiently she waits for us. Her glow in the shadow of our disconnectedness. She is there in all of us. We just need to find the courage to dig deep and find her. When we knock, she will open with total unrequited joy.

Are you familiar with the feeling of joy. It's steady, confident and peaceful. When we unlock our spirit's door, our world begins to look different, smell different, and even taste different. It's a totally new life. Why, then, would we hold the key away from the lock? I think mostly because we are not aware of what the key will do. "Have a heart." I've heard that many times before I began working on myself, but I didn't know how to do that. I'm serious. It's very sad, but the truth. "Have a heart." What does that mean?

When I began to do my personal discovery/personal development work, my life changed. I used the key to unlock my spirit's door. With her influence in my every decision, my heart comes first. Before we begin to do some work on ourselves, it is very difficult to relate to those who have not. It's like we are on a different dimension. I am still very much involved with family who haven't done any personal discovery/personal development. It's just a different relationship.

At this time in my life, I would find compassion for the personal who was asked to, "Have a Heart" AND the person who said "Have a Heart".

When you make the decision to get to know yourself at a very deep level, your key will unlock your spirit and the light will pour out of you. It can sometimes feel a little overwhelming. What do I do with all of this now? This is why we do the personal discovery/personal development work. During this most beautiful process, we uncover our true values, ethics and morals. The glowing warmth of our spirit shines it's light on them for us.

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With Love, Amanda

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Thank you for writing and sharing your voice with us, Amanda! I love when you ask, "Are you familiar with the feeling of joy. It's steady, confident and peaceful." This will be my mantra for the day; thank you for that! And I agree with you that each of us has the power within to unlock the door to our spirit, our true selves, and why we hold the key tightly within our fists without knowing it's even there is a question I do not know the answer to, but knowing we each hold the key is enough to get started using it.

Thank you again for providing such great food for thought.

Best wishes,



The key is there, right as you said it, in our fists. The key is to stop, face our fist towards the sky and open it up. I write a lot about this topic in my blog. In fact I have a series of blogging lessons that guide women toward their authentic selves and living the life of their dreams. If you ever have a moment, stop by! http://defineyourspirit.com/personal-branding-personal-development/

With love, Amanda