Entrepreneurship: Focus as a means to success.

Amanda Houck
Posted September 18, 2013 from United States

As an entrepreneur, suddenly, we arrange our days’ schedule. We determine how to spend our time. It is not always our preference or opportunity to sit down and just focus on something, but it is critical that we know what we are focusing on. This keeps us on the path to success in all areas of our lives.

It feels very different now as we call all of the shots. We determine when to get up in the morning or whether start our work day in your pajamas. Setting our own schedule. Making the important decisions. Will all be consistent with your personal values, ethics and morals. For most of us, our schedule has been set by someone else our entire lives. This new freedom is a huge change and a tremendous success for us. We choose where we focus.

I might decide that I will give my total focus to my family for two weeks or a month as I arrange things at work to move forward without me. I might decide that I will work fluidly through-out the day and into the night with breaks where I focus on something else, like watering the plants, or unloading the dishwasher, maybe I’ll take a cat nap, maybe I’ll do a small project? The point is, I can focus my work so that it works around my life.

I have a friend who is a rather successful author. I’m in awe at how she works. She does her writing during the day, but in spurts. She’ll be in her beautiful home office typing away and the next thing you know she steps our of her room looking a bit tense. Next, it’s downstairs in front of the piano sometimes by herself and other times, with an instructor. She does the same thing with Italian Language lessons. I’ve seen a change in her expression after these breaks. It’s as if, she has just worked out something in the plot of her novel.

Everyone is different and will choose their focus rhythm differently. However, we can celebrate our opportunity to choose for ourselves. I am working in a daytime rhythm with a lot of focus and probably not enough breaks, now. I once worked with a healer who did 15 minute anything goes breaks. The fun part was, the break could just be called out by anyone and everyone had to do whatever silly thing the ‘caller’ asked us to do. They were in the Vancouver Islands, and I remember going out on the reef wall to collect some sort of shell or seaweed.

It has been said, and I believe it to be true, “The more focus you put on something, the greater the results.” We were all so refreshed and had renewed focus after the 15 minute anything goes break. I felt as fresh as good as I did in the morning after my walk. Remembering how important focus is should be paramount. If you find yourself feeling a bit scattered, take a step back and focus yourself. When you are totally clear on your business, you’ll be focused.

With love, Amanda http://defineyourspirit.com/my-business


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