Human Trafficking or Prostitution

Posted February 27, 2009 from Mongolia

People who have been working in sex industry defined sex work one labour option for work. Issue of the sex workers come up during the my work when I worked with the victims of human trafficking crime, because in some cases victims wants to continue they are job independently as a voluntary basis from the traffickers. Also in my paper I will use term “sex worker” rather then prostitution because most of the people who are working in the sex industry such as female, male and transgender sex workers, including migrant sex workers prefer to call them self sex workers . In this connection I will examine “right to work” and analyses from the legal perspective basis on the current international, regional and national legal instruments. My examination will be according to the treaty based international conventions which state party can recognize sex work as a labor form like others rights. Today some of the countries recognized and legalized sex work as labour form, however it’s seems more monitoring and controlling, rather then protecting rights. According this I will bring two countries examples where recognized prostitution as a sex work in Greece and Mongolia where national laws conflicting with each other, good site is criminal code decriminalised prostitution. In my concluding I would like to raise this official recognition of the sex sector is not likely to improve things for the sex workers. It’s more morality of the states under the national legislation and can be more vulnerable, rather then protective.

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