My voice is firm, calm, compassionate, honest, and persistent.

I want to be a correspondent because I want tell stories of the unheard, neglected, alienated and mostly those who are feeling lonely helpless and hopeless in extreme situations. Some of these members of the community are strong and assisted others to meet there needs, goals and dreams. I want to voice the selfless services of people who give themselves without any expectations.

Honest, strong, solutions-based journalism will help my community to feel safer, cared, heard and proactive in life. In turn positive action that will rekindle hope and see brightness in future for themselves, their children, neighbours and for the community. It will give them a forum to positively express, discuss, connect and solve issues.

All the best :-) Amei

“The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.” Mahatma Gandhi

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Amei, I am moved by your desire to give voice to the selfless services of people who give without expectation. I have no doubt that they are honoured that you have chosen to raise their silent voices high and I know that you will make them proud with your vision, courage and inner strength. I look forward to reading about these people whom I'll never meet but who will touch my life forever, Janice


Let your voice soar and your story roar! Your voice will be an instrument of change, to bring issues for people in your community to a global stage and connections that will provide you with solutions for impact.

We're here with you sister and anticipating this great journey!

In friendship and solidarity, Jade

It is good to see the support I get. I the collective stories can provide solutions. It may also give us some insight to crucial issues at a community level.

Thank you Amei

Hi Amei - Thanks for sharing a description of your voice and the people it represents. I look forward to reading your work throughout our journey. All the best! Hugz!

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What a compassionate voice you have and have demonstrated it in your writing. Surely, your voice will continue to stand out among others and bring the change you desire withing you community.


''Every woman have a story at every stage of Life''