Posted November 25, 2011 from Maldives


Its simple to ask for help Yet, the help I need is not what I get The help I get put me in a prison A prison that kills me slow

The question now is; will I be helped To follow my dream to the happiness I seek The dream that brings peace to my mind The peace that seeps pleasantly to my soul

I sought help in the best way I knew I am locked out from the rainbow I am floating around and peeking into the rainbow Hope is dying within

We now acknowledge us into freedom Yet, we are a bit confused as how to evolve Is there anyone who could help To fasten the process of evolution

We are who we are, we like what we do I like us, me like us, so we do She is the one or could it be he We are happy with the progress by us

NB- the above poem was written (16/11/2011) while I was in the hospital. It was a very difficult time and the situation was sad. Are all public hospitals the same. Sharing some of my thoughts, feelings and concerns at the time I was restrained in the hospital

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