Lies! Lies! more Lies! - Injustice again … representing Maldives.

Posted March 1, 2013 from Maldives

When leaders lie and use the vulnerability of their country in international forums it is time to take action. I had to share my thoughts because it was so wrong of the leaders on Maldives.

International community needs to open there eyes and listen more carefully and search for the truth via real citizens who have sincere concern for the people without any vested interest. Wake up and help a community where 2/3rds of the population are scattered in small islands and not aware of the actions of their leaders. Some blindly follow by listening to such speeches given by leaders to island communities during elections times or otherwise.

When leaders lies about human rights and use the countries vulnerability to show credibility of a government it is time for action. All lies being told on human rights. Only if one looks at the insides of the country with consciousness then one can see the truth. How can a country move towards progress when leaders are looking for self investments.

a face book update - “Goodness gracious Shakeela you are so blind and deaf to say what you said here about human rights and the Coni report all lies you told the International world white washing this Government. You are saying the Government is upholding the rule of law? my foot! damn you I am so ashamed of you so sad educated people like you are stooping to this level..... tsk tsk tsk”

Please listen

Listening to the speech I felt extreme sadness when she was stating the beliefs that are so fare removed from the reality. No passion, no love it was just a reading of fictitious speech on human rights and the vulnerabilities, exposer to climate due to global warming, of the country used for the governments advantage.

'We believe in …... dignity for all.... all vulnerable.... free from torture..... right to live in a safe environment.....” - already a young girl (15 yrs) victimised by her family since age of 12 yrs is now further victimised my the system. - a youth of 22 yrs fighting for his life. Last week a girl was ill-treated by the police. A kid pushed and crushed under a bus may not survive.

So far removed form reality - the police brutality after the mutiny in February 2012. Look at the report from the link for a better picture this reminds me of the times of ex president Maumoon. I feel we are returning back to a much sinister dictatorship fabricated with democracy under a military rule!

Read for more detail

When I read the interview below my spine felt the pains of the past and the fear looming in the future for Maldives. The way promotions were given to number of officers and the style of speech gives me the fear of the haunting police capturing my friends, relatives and loved ones.

“Daniel Bosley: Why did you decide to promote so many officers all at once?” “... the promotions have been overdue for a long time, and when I took office........All the promotions that we have awarded are based on the promotion regulations”

One must live in the society to understand the terminology of what is said without saying it.

read for more detail -

The injustice towards the 15yrs old, the brutal beating the journalist, the ill-treatment of the woman by the police. The increasing lies by the leaders, increased crime and violence is the reason for my voice here on this forum. Please share this sad reality of my tiny country.

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