More danger in Maldives the paradise! Who are these two brothers? “International Criminals?”

Posted April 12, 2013 from Maldives
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It was in 2012 the Artur brothers, Margaryan and Sargayan, were involved in controversial activities in Kenya and exposed as imposters. See detail from the link below.

Based on the article they were not innocent tourist in Maldives. The Maldivians have a right to question why they were allowed to visit Maldives and, further, given permission to invest in Maldives with such scary records.

This year they were seen in the Maldives. Not just seen but seems to be backed by government authorities by the look of it. This is a great concern for the Maldives and to the security of the region.

Local daily Haveeru reported that the Artur brothers Margaryan and Sargayan have Registered a company “Artur Brothers World Connections’ with the Economic Ministry in October 2012.

A letter from the Maldives Tourism Ministry to the Immigration Controller, dated on 27 Jan 2013, requested RESIDENT VISA for 2 shareholders of the company registered in under the name Artur Brothers World Connection PvtLtd. The two people were Margaryan PP.No. 10CZ05238 and Sargayan PP.No. AK061180 interested in investing in tourism. There nationalities were not mentioned.

This letter is proof that the current government officials are somewhat involved in the activities related to Artur Brothers in Maldives. However, Tourism Minister Ahmed Adeeb and Defence Minister Mohamed Nazim were seen with them during a motor racing event held in Hulhumale in January 2013. Both, Ministers strongly deny their connections with the Artur Borthers stating it was just a coincident. Can the Maldivians trust their words while their action differ?

They claimed to be Armenians. Yet, their fishy travel documents linked them to Russia and Moldovia. The Kenyan Government officials allowed the to use obviously fake papers to avoid a paper trail that would help unmask them. Why did the Maldivian Government did not pay any heed to these people?

Where is Maldives heading towards? While Maldives is located in the busiest shipping lanes to have tycoons like Artur Brothers doing 'business' in Maldives, is a concern for the security of the region.

The government of Maldives has not responded to the concerns raised by the Maldivians.

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  • Mukut
    Apr 13, 2013
    Apr 13, 2013


    I have always admired your courage of speaking up for your community. I hope the officials are listening to this.

    Thank you for sharing.


  • Amei
    Apr 13, 2013
    Apr 13, 2013

    It is good see encouragement. I am scared too. Yet, I feel it is the right thing to do. Let us see what the future holds for the Maldives.

    God bless us all.

    With love, Amei

  • Amei
    Apr 13, 2013
    Apr 13, 2013

    I do hope I have done the right thing by writing this piece. I feel it was the right thing to do.

    Thank you for being with me. We must stand for justice and stand together.

    Have a blessed day, With Love Amei

  • Aminah
    May 05, 2013
    May 05, 2013

    If it was Nasheed in power, there would be outcries of "traitor" by our so called gaumee ithihaadhu, and the adhaalath group. It's really sad.

    The current government has been very clever in pushing the issue under the carpet. The public seems to be blind to everything that is taking place. It really is not surprising given that the government is a coalition that came to power with all the opposition parties together, through a questionable resignation of the former President.