I am loss at words to express the situation in Maldives and saddened to share another troubling story where human dignity, justice and equality is violated. The anger, frustrations and discontent is high on the scale. I wonder what, who, how can Maldives be saved from the current situation. Maldives has become a hostile country with leaders that betrayed democracy and fails to upheld the countries integrity.

Supreme Court ordered the security services to prevent any effort to hold the election. The Election Commission expresses that the environment is not conducive to hold a fair and free election.

Who are accountable for preventing the presidential run-off election?

I have to express that, first, Mr Maumoon A Gayoom who lead the country for 30 years have to stop his embarrassing actions. He needs to retire, totally, and make way for the younger generation to lead the country rather than influencing and manipulating from the side. His recent actions have destroyed his reputation and his integrity. Second, that Mr Qasim Ibrahim ought take time to contemplate and reflect on his actions and stay away from politics. He has major conflict of interest as a richest businessman in Maldives. Meddling by these people who exert power and exploits the Maldivian community is not proving to be beneficial to the country.

The outcome of the election that was held on 7th September 2013 was clear. Mr. Abdulla Yameen (25.35 % votes) & Mr. Mohamed Nasheed (45.45% votes) would have been the key players in the run-off election that was to be held today (28 September 2013). The leader who get most votes would have been elected through a democratic process. The country could have had an opportunity to move towards building its economy, social services, education system and all the sectors that needs attention.

With this invalid decision of the Supreme Court the country is pushed towards an incomparable civil war. The current government is lead by leader who has only 5.35% supporters. This shows the critical situation in Maldives. The civil war will not make it easy to resolve the political issues with the amount of hatred and anger that has been fuelled since Mr Nasheed was forced resign on 7 February 2012. The two most destructive emotions is on the rise.

Every mode of progress in Maldives is now dormant effecting the community. It is the people who suffers from the chaos created by few. The expressions of the people from various political parties are ruthless, personalised and dangerous. Maldivians who express their strong views have little of no understanding of the concept “freedom of speech”.

Blind loyalty, untamed emotions and suffering blocks rational or critical thinking. People have forgotten the power of language and what expressed on social media is raw and cruel. They have not thought through how those expressions reflect the writer. No one seems to be conscious of the universal principles of human dignity, justice and equality in the so called muslim society. It is a shame.

Even in these dark political times, there are some Maldivians, who are struggling to be reflective, thoughtful and act with dignity and credibility to improve the situation in Maldives. The situation is sad. At this stage I can only hope that some good will come out of this unexplainable chaos created by power hunger few.

Please see the following articles that give some insight to the Maldivian political situation. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Maldivian_presidential_election,_2013 http://www.eurasiareview.com/21092013-maldives-disturbing-trends-run-pre... http://thecommonwealth.org/media/press-release/joint-statement-maldives-... http://www.reuters.com/article/2013/09/27/us-maldives-election-idUSBRE98... http://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/home-news/tourism-the-maldives-life...

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How saddening, the images of reality from a land we abroad imagine a slice of heavens.

And how more saddening the impression that patterns repeat all over the World, more or less the same way, despite the direst consequences are under everybody's eyes (eyes, an not memory...).

I fully agree with you civil wars trigger a spiral which will never really end, generating only desire of revenge and hatred. I could say "we know" - in Europe, from where I write, we had and have plenty of examples. Sometimes based on ideology, some other times "just" tribal. None able to wane out, once started.

We may only hope people of good will, and courage, like you and many others, can change hearts, perspectives and inclinations. Yes, it's so hard...

And "we", from abroad. Episodes of violence, dispotism and corruption are less prone to happen if the rest of World knows, and cares.

Hugs, and wishes your would-be heavens can be a real one, some day, possibly not far away.


Thank you for commenting and reading my post.

I hope to create much awareness as I can and hope to make difference. I do hope we get our heaven on earth back for real. It is possible if we can work together and up hold the principles of human dignity, justice and work towards the good of the society.

We cannot please all but we can always take action with justice.

Thank you once again.

With love Amei

Dearest Amei, do not lose hope. It is through the commitment and dedication of people such as yourself that movements are ignited. It starts with a small group of people who believe passionately in something and they can end up changing the culture, changing policy and driving positive change.

I found this link with ten steps to start a movement which you might find helpful. http://www.thenation.com/article/160704/ten-things-start-movement

Being at the forefront of the movement is never easy and so try not to be discouraged. You are bringing exposure and recognition to the issues in the Maldives and over time, that exposure may result in a viral landslide of protest that forces change. Thank you for your courage in keeping us aware of what is happening in your beautiful country.

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