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Posted December 24, 2010 from Maldives
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The first interview was a huge challenge. I am never good at asking for help. These assignments force me to seek help in the form of getting an interview. I was extremely scared and excited. I have to thank Emie for helping me to start off the assignment. Elaine and Lisa sustained me throughout the assignment. I wrote the questions, practised the questions and listen to my own voice to keep it calm, positive and light hearted. The practice and talking to Elaine and the emails from Elaine and Lisa helped me to conduct the interview.

The immense practice helped me to be relax and control my own emotions as the interview was extremely emotional for me and my mother. Elaine and Lisa believing me assisted me to believe in myself. I have become a bit closer to my mother and I am so glad I did interview her. I was able to focus on issues that I did want a answer even the repeated answer from my mother “I cannot remember” until finally I got the answer that made more sense “What is the point of remembering” . I have to thank Lisa for helping with focusing my questions and phrasing them in a positive way to assist my mother to feel the love I have for her – Gosh! This was hard but I did it :-).

There is so much to improve as I go blank in my brain when I need to ask for help. Getting an interview for an assignment I am doing is seeking help. It is different from doing a job. I thank Elaine for pin pointing this fear asking for help and I am now learning to ask for help. I will be practising ways on how to approach people – once I make the first connection I can move forward much easily. I will be needing loads of encouragement to get the second task done. I know what I want to write about and I feel the importance as it is an emerging issue in the Maldives without policies to address and strategies to implement. It is harder to get information from miles away when the country is in a political turmoil.

Thank you for my friends who have read and given me encouragement. All the best on the second task :-)

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  • Farha
    Dec 26, 2010
    Dec 26, 2010

    Amei !

    You were able to get closer with your mom via this assignment, what a treat ! You probably had a different experience from this task than the rest of us…interviewing your own family members requires more confidence and compassion. One needs to be aware of their own biases and emotions too ! and you pulled it off well ;-)

    Practice makes perfect ? oh yes, but they also help you relax too !


  • Amei
    Dec 28, 2010
    Dec 28, 2010

    ‎I feel it is important to understand where I stand to expect anything from anyone else, be it family members. I am more hopeful that things can change.

    "We must become the change went to see in the world." MG. - cannot forget to learn from key leaders :-)

    Cheers Amei