Posted March 18, 2009 from United States

Welcome to the Pakistan Cafe!

WHAT THIS GROUP IS ABOUT: Particularly in the current political context, Pakistan is increasingly at the forefront of headlining news, which has shrouded the country in an image of corruption, violence, and suffering. Now, with global tensions at an all time high, we offer the Pakistan Cafe as a platform to spotlight the unheard voices of women leaders and changemakers, as well as those who support them. This group is an invitation to share your personal experiences, recommendations, and visions for the future of your country and her people.

WHERE TO START: This group offers a collaborative and safe discussion forum for you to share your thoughts, ideas, struggles, and emotions surrounding Pakistan. We invite you to speak about the issues and obstacles women are facing in your communities, and to share the solutions we are all working towards together.

The following questions can help you get started:

• What are some of your personal experiences as a woman from Pakistan? • How have you fueled your cause to incite change for your country and her people?

• What would you like the world to know about your homeland? • What is your vision for the future of your country? • Do you feel you face special challenges a woman in Pakistan? If so, what are these challenges? • What do you feel are the biggest misconceptions about your country?

• What are the greatest rewards in your work, and what inspires you to continue in this work? • What advice do you have for other women embarking on a similar journey?

There's no right way to contribute! Use this space to share your stories, post an introduction, a photo, or information about your organization—whatever you'd like!

SPREAD THE WORD: Encourage those around you to let their voices be heard as well! Use the "Invite" tab to send email invitations to

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  • Tanya
    Mar 19, 2009
    Mar 19, 2009

    A much needed space. Definite plans of contributing regularly in the near future and I look forward to seeing this develop into a forum where dialogue is meaningul and vibrant, myths or negative perceptions about this amazing country and its people shattered, opportunities wherein all of us (specifically Pakistani citizens) can delve deeper into the problems that plague our society and be a part of the solution or spearhead one, not shun constructive criticism - rather take in our stride and focus towards improvement and lastly take immense pride in our identity and what we stand for rather than taking on a defensive or cynical approach everytime things go wrong.