Dear Fabulous Mothers,

Thank you so much for your contributions to PulseWire! There is a new group on PulseWire called "Cradle: Parenting for a new world" that you may be interested in joining. Cradle is a space to share parenting wisdom and any experiences, stories, or advice on raising children with other mothers across the globe.

We invite you to join Cradle and share the wisdom you have gained as a parent, and to discuss an obstacles and challenges you may face in raising children who are globally aware. This is an open space for dialogue, and we invite not only mothers, but fathers, grandparents, guardians, and anyone else who has contributed to raising a child or building a family.

To join go to and click "Join this group."

We hope to see you in the group! And of course, we hope that you will encourage those around you to let their voices be heard as well! Use the "Share This" feature to invite your friends, colleagues, and any fellow parents you know. Be sure to check back with the group to keep the conversation going!

Thank you,

Amelia Hays World Pulse Editorial Outreach Intern