Here is another amazing photo essay from the Dart Center about Kashmiris' efforts towards healing in this region burdened by decades of violence, distress and tension.

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Hi Amelia,

I just joined the sustainable economic development group on World Pulse which is how I found your profile. Thanks for posting this beautiful and fascinating photo essay. What strikes me most is the focus not only on the violence itself, but on the mental health issues that affect civilians in regions in conflict. It's a subject I don't believe gets covered in as much detail as it could be. I wonder if there are global health movements underway that combine western approaches to mental health with more traditional, holistic (or spiritual) practices? Of course, places like Medecins Sans Frontieres are dealing with immediate needs including food, water, immunizations, life-threatening infectious diseases, etc. It seems the larger, persistent mental health issues are often forced take a back seat.

I am a media professional who is shifting from documentary film to non-profit communications, so I really appreciate this kind of artistic, visual documentation.

For what it's worth, here's a link to my website-in-progress:

Hopefully it will be done in a few weeks.

All my best, Rachel

Rachel Clift media for CHANGE


I'm so glad you stumbled across this photo essay I posted. I was also struck by such a sensitive rendering of the psychological damage that comes from trauma and violence such as that in Kashmir. I will actually be in New York this Fall studying this very subject at NYU, which is indeed an underlooked but also growing field in the global health realm - hopefully while I am there I will get a chance to get a better understanding of your organization, which, even from your website in progress, looks absolutely amazing!

All my best, Amelia

Hi Amelia,

Good to hear from you. I'm curious to know more about the (graduate?) degree program you'll be entering this Fall at NYU. Is it a specialized course of study you created yourself within a particular school at NYU? Are you getting a degree specifically in public health, or is it a combo with the School for International Affairs? I'm actually planning on taking a few courses this Fall that could lead to a Certificate in Global Affairs. We should get together when you're here and you've settled in.

All best, Rachel

Rachel Clift media for CHANGE