Welcome members of The Iran Café to a vibrant discussion to paint a more complete and fair picture of Iran and her people. Share your thoughts, ideas, stories and struggles as women from Iran, and your hopes for the future of your country.

What are some of your personal experiences as a woman from Iran?

How have you fueled your cause to incite change for your country and her people?

What is your vision for the future of your country?

Do you feel you face special challenges a woman in Iran? If so, what are these challenges?

Where are women in Iran making the most progress? What are the obstacles to this progress? What are the signs of hope?

What do you feel are the biggest misconceptions about your country?

What do you—and/or women and women’s groups that you are involved in—advise US-President Obama to do in terms of US/Iran relations? What can the international community do to support Iran’s people? What do you wan the international community to know about Iran?

What are the greatest rewards in your work, and what inspires you to continue in this work?

What advice do you have for other women embarking on a similar journey?

Where do you see the greatest hope for your country?

There's no right way to contribute! Use this space to share your stories, post an introduction, a photo, or information about your organization—whatever you'd like. And PLEASE, encourage others to contribute to the discussion as well!

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Dear Amelia, Namaskar, I suggest one of my friend from Iran who came to work in our university. You can find her . After joing pulsewire I suggest her to join Irian Cafe. She told me that the picture, where a lady is rising her voice, you used for this group is her friend. I was surprised to know that.

With Love and Regards Sunita Basnet