Prayer for a Couple at a Wedding Party

Let us pray for the couple to have a happy and blessed matrimonial life. We pray that they have children, both boys and girls they can care for. We pray that they would not worry that they have only girl-children because if parents did not have girl children, the groom would not have had a beautiful wife to wed today.

Let us pray that when they are blessed with a baby girl, they would remember that it is their responsibility to protect her from all forms of harmful traditional practices such as early or force marriage because if they have been forced to marry, today they would not be so happy together with us today celebrating their wedding.

Let us pray that they would also take responsibility to protect their daughters from female genital mutilation – FGM and all other forms of violence and abuse because it was through peace and respect for each other that they have been able to court and reach a joint decision to marry.

Let us also pray that boys and horrible sugar daddies will give girl-children the opportunity to realize their dream and protected from teenage pregnancy. We pray that the children they would be blessed with will have the opportunity to complete their education to be responsible citizens, so that we shall witness many more happy couples celebrating their wedding ceremony.


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