More stories can be found if we listened to the silence around us
  • More stories can be found if we listened to the silence around us

Hello lovely people,

It's a bit too quiet in here with assignments paced once a month. Don't you think? When we did an assignment a week, there was so much going on - so much to read and not enough time to read all the lovely posts by the applicants.

I am sure all my fellow correspondents are busy finishing up with the interviews and writing up the profiles. And respected mentors must be busy reading the letter of intention and also editing the profiles. Can't wait to read them all to feel inspired by the stories of women doing wonderful work.

Let me share my experience of interviewing and looking for a profile story to share with you. I listed 5 people I wanted to interview and only managed to get a response from 2 of them. I guess people are too busy or some are wary of people trying to poke into their life, which is understandable :)

The first two people I contacted responded and agreed to be interviewed. I was happy with the second interviewee as my Subject hence did not follow up after the initial attempt with the other 3 people on my list.

Anyways, the first interview I conducted was very interesting. I am not using that interview as the profile for this month's assignment. But thought I would share that experience, share a little bit about the 'stories'.

I have posted it to my journal. Here is the link "Went looking for a story - came out with smiles and a thankful heart"

Wish you all, all the very best.