No boundary can divide us Amriyota

It was a time when there were no lines to divide me from you. It is also a time when many lines are barring me to say you hello..How are you? They had cut one big entity into two pieces, India and Pakistan. Bangladesh took birth from East Pakistan. Now we have three countries from one. But this process was never been easy. First they nurtured communal differences then they add fuel to it and finally they planned plots for communal riots and then they appeal for partition .Amongst this time enmity between two groups perpetuates, economy of a big nation broke down and the dependence on first world became necessary. Finally humanity lost its homeland. My father lost his close friends after the declaration of partition. They went to East Pakistan living behind their home, work and birthplace. My maternal grandparents came to India from East Pakistan and till the date of their death they remembered their own home in Rajsahi, now in Bangladesh. We have not seen the trauma of partition. We heard lots of stories of that difficult period. Some people say generation to come will forget everything about partition. There will be no pain attached to the word partition. But they are wrong. It is easy to divide land but not the dwellers on the land. Life is so magical that it never enslaves its soul permanently. It is the beauty of life that it loves freedom, love and unity. Hatred and enmity have limit but possibility has no limits. For economic reason, for political stability and to save humanity these three countries will reunite and create the largest and most powerful democracy of the world. It is not a mere dream of millions but it is inevitable. When hatred will starts to hate itself a new dawn will bless the millions lives. May be we’ll not be able to see that day but our children will teach the world that never try to divide lives because life is not meant to be controlled by lines.

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