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Obisakin Busayo

You Are Making Progress

Busayo dear:

What a gentle and beautiful soul you have. I am reminded of a story someone once told me. A little boy was once drawing a Valentine's heart, but he drew a large crack in the heart. When the teacher scolded him and asked why he drew the heart with a crack, he said "Well, that's where all the light comes in." Sometimes in our darkest hours, the universe is opening us up for something bigger and brighter that lies ahead, and our biggest challenge is to stay open to the light amidst the pain.

I look at all that you have accomplished in just the short time I've known you, and I have seen a tremendous amount of growth. You are trying new things, connecting to new people, taking new challenges, and inspiring countless others with your poetic contributions to World Pulse. As exciting as this time may be, these kind of "growth spurts" can also feel tough at times.

But as evidenced by the large number of comments from this post, I think you have beautifully captured the essence of the idea that empowerment comes from embracing our own humanity. Others can relate because you speak from the core of the tender heart of someone on a path of self empowerment. May you gather strength from your sisters and brothers here as we send love and support your way. We are with you. You are never alone.

Also, you should know Busayo that sometimes when I am having a really tough day, I will think of you and all that you accomplish and do, and all the people you support, and then I feel inspired to have the strength to continue to move on. You inspire in ways you don't even know.

I am sending love and encouragement your way dear one.

In peace,