My voice, is one that speaks for the oppressed, refuses to be silenced, honors and seeks the truth, speaks for the voiceless, and one that is empowered and wants to empower. I want to be a correspondent because I think I need the tools to be able to speak and expose atrocities, and social crises. I need to learn how to become a citizen journalist so that I can use to cause positive social change and benefit the women in my community and country. Honest, strong, solutions-based journalism will help my community to develop into a strong community that confronts challenges instead of denying them, and supports women and their rights, so that they can become empowered and achieve desired social change.


It is so nice to see you here writing and raising your voice for us women around the globe keep it up girl and we would love to be part of the change Ola

It is never too late to try make your way to your dream and left up your expectation.Sudanes Women Building

I like your voice Anab It speaks volumes about integrity and compassion and supporting those in need of a voice.

You have a very strong and positive writing voice. Keep it up

Salaam Aminah

Dear Anab Keep the courage to invest in journalism especially in a world where the space to speak is shrinking for our communities to express themselves with draconian media laws.