Author: Ana Isabel B. B. Paraguay


Digital inclusion and citizenship are closely related, because they strive for equal opportunities related to education, learning, better living, wellbeing, access to information and building up knowledge. ICT are advantageous for everyone, but for persons with disabilities they have an utmost importance – they bridge the gap between impossible and possible ways. Many legal frameworks and practices coexist in the same country or differ widely in scope and structure from one country to another, regarding eInclusion. Besides all, they target citizenship and human rights, as well as the digital market.

Keywords: eInclusion, digital inclusion, disability, Brazil, Portugal, policy.

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CITATION: Paraguay, A. I. B. B. (2011). eInclusion: Policies and Concepts Regarding Persons with Disabilities - Considerations about Brazil and Portugal. In C. Stephanidis (ed.), HCI (5) (p./pp. 507-516): Springer. ISBN: 978-3-642-21671-8

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Hello Ana Luisa! I would love to read this paper - would you feel comfortable with posting the text here? I'm sure many community members would be interested as well!

Thank you for posting the link. You are obviously very well informed about digital inclusion and I commend your work. I hope to hear more about your work soon in Brazil and Portugal.


Hello Amy,

Thank you for making this paper available, it holds important history of work done both in Portugal and your country on e-Accessibility. I learned a lot. The work that you are doing to assure true all inclusiveness is so very important. I wonder if you are already aware of the wonderful library work being done by Andrea Rojas through Makaia, in Columbia. She can be reached through the World Pulse Network under Membership. I am very much inspired and educated by her work as well. We must all hold our Governments accountable to follow words with practical action. It is good to know that you are there.

Best Wishes,



When I read the introduction of your article I definitely was interested in the relationship between digital inclusion and people living with disability. It would be even better to learn of the case in point in Brazil and Portugal and possibly compare it to the situation in Kenya. I hope that some how we can have access of the whole article?


Thanks so much for providing the link to your fascinating paper. I must confess that I had not previously given too much thought of idea of eInclusion for people with disabilities and I learned a great deal. With your comments and references to what is going on in Brazil and Portugal, it makes me wonder what the laws and requirements are in the USA? Now I'm curious to do some research on my own country...

Bless you for being a champion of this issue and a true inspiration!

All best wishes, Kristie

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