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We’re searching for the most ambitious, game changing, female-led impact ventures in Africa: yher Africa 2019 Accelerator Program

Ana Isabel Paraguay
Posted February 7, 2019 from Brazil
Expires on April 6, 2019
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We know women are vibrant and vital architects of society. We know women are the best levers for change in our world. We also know female entrepreneurs need to be championed.

More women are pursuing entrepreneurship in Africa per capita than anywhere else in the world. With the success of our 2017 Accelerator program, we will be running yher again in 2018, bringing together another impressive group of African female founders. Women running high-impact ventures aimed at improving the lives of people living in poverty across the continent will be eligible to apply for our accelerator program and receive all the support and benefits that accompany it.

Our exclusive accelerator program aims to back female-led impact ventures across the Pacific.

Your venture must have an impact on people living in poverty and we will preference ventures that have a clear mandate or mission to uplift females in some way.

Apply now :

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You: a) must have at least 1 female co-founder who will participate in the program; b) intimately understand the problem that you are trying to solve.
Your venture: a) must exist to improve the lives of people living in poverty; b) will have some early traction or proof of concept.

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Feb 08
Feb 08

This is awesome, Ana. Thanks so much for sharing:-)

Sophie Ngassa
Feb 08
Feb 08

Thank you for sharing this great opportunity that will uplift women in our communities.

Feb 08
Feb 08

Thank you for sharing this with us.

laison sylvie
Feb 10
Feb 10

Wow thanks .I have submitted an application.