They are valorous , virtuous , orthodox , pious They are on same footing along with their spouses Enjoyed Respect , Regard , and are Generous Hostesses They administered Gurukulams with zeal and openness They Are All Great Daughters , Great Spouses They are Home Makers , Home Ministers They are No less Than Greatest Mothers - Maathru Sris Gaargi Devi , Kaathyaayani , Maithreyi , and Anasooyas They are Arundhati , Satharoopa , Aakoothi , Prasoothi One Devahoothi , Mother of Saptha Maathrukas , Seven Sisters From them whole Humanity is born , They left their houses with their spouses Spread across seven continents crossing seven oceans . It is their mitochondrial DNA that Today's all Mothers , Daughters carry , also all humans I bow my head at their feet - one global citizen , one humanity , one voice , one consciousness

PuraaNic Women : When Sati Devi was upset as Siva said no for HER request to go to HER Birth Place ( Puttina Illu ) SHE became KaaLi , so ferocious , Siva had to allow HER , since HE knows without Sakthi ( Feminine Energy ) even Siva ( Purush - Masculine Form ) is Inert and helpless = Sakthi Vinaa Siva Eva Savah. Sita Devi , after being subjected to humiliation by Raama , finally refused to accompany Him To Ayodhya and preferred Mother Earth from whence She was born and that is to where She departed . Draupathi asked elders what right her husband , who lost himself in a gamble has over his wife .Oh Woman , Mother Of All Mothers , without Thee where would I be anasooyadevi-athrison