Posted August 8, 2011 from United States

It is said that men don't cry , but I do not agree with what one may say I cry to shed tears of joy , and then wait a while for the tears to dry I cried in the past for many reasons , and in seasons to come I might the same way I cried for the first time when I was born for a breath of air in pulmonary way I do cry when I am very happy , and also when I am hurt in any particular way I cried when I failed my examinations , and also when the success came along my way I did not want to go to school on the first day and cried all along the way A good cry with a flood of tears will wash away both eyes clean and dry A nice way for the eyes as proved by Alexander Fleming's discovery Crying is the best way to release stress and tension and be happy and healthy And my friends this is my final take on a good cry I will cry for any one in distress and my shoulder is for you any day Finally I do not worry , when I die who for me will cry As I will not be there to witness , that is why , But I am sure some one will miss me and will have a tear to spare on that day . Mean while let no one need cry , let no one worry , and let us all be happy .

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