December 1967 First leg of my journey to England

Posted April 26, 2014 from United States

6th December 1967 Wednesday - began my journey into the unknown , a sojourn I dared to undertake , a travel to a land where no one of my family had gone before or since .I was relieved of my duties as on Tuesday 5th December 1967 and my colleagues had given me farewell . First leg of my journey commenced at 2 PM IST by train an express train named ' Circar Express ' a train that originated in Kakinada Station and traveled south along the Coast of Bengal through the Circar Districts of Andhra , hence the name Circar Express . Circar means Government actually named so by Colonial British Government which had a direct rule over this area until August 15 , 1947 . The train's final destination is Madras ( Chennai ) stopping at several places along the way and it was a pleasure to meet friends and relatives along the way - let me take you along with me . The train Circar Express left Kakinada Railway station at 2 PM IST Wednesday , 6 December 1967 me in a sleeper compartment and some of my close friends and students came to the station to bid me bon voyage - Thanks ; first stop Samarlakota half hour away where one of my students who traveled with me handed over a letter he received from his relative in England who promised to help me settle down in England ; the student's name is Karri Sesha Reddy and his relative is one Sri Karri Satthi Reddy gaaru a refugee from Burma forced to flee when Japan invaded Burma ( Myanmar ) during 2nd world war . He was A British subject an indentured laborer . Sri Karri Satthi Reddy gaaru migrated with family and settled in Preston near Manchester UK Midlands . Preston is a textile-manufacturing town in Lancashire on the banks of River Ribble in the industrial north of England Midlands . More about that gentleman Sri Karri Satthi Rddy gaaru after I reach England . Meanwhile Thank You Student Sesha Reddy who is now a successful physician in Kakinada , he gave me tremendous hope and confidence to face my future in that far away land of unknown ( to me ) . Next stop is Rajamahendravaram a historic town on the banks of mighty River Goadavari ( Gowthami ) where my sister and her family came to wish me well on my way - thanks and bless you sister . Next stop was Bhimavaram and here I was greeted by my inlaws . By evening the train reached Vijayawada a major junction closest to my birth town Guntur and here I was met by my cousin brothers who wished me well - thanks all . By 8 PM the train halted at My Guntur Town where all my family members , sisters , brothers and all bid me farewell with tears and for me a very emotional farewell and a painful parting . That was it and the train left Guntur with a heavy heart and even the train could feel the emotional stress . I retired to my upper wooden berth and slept fitfully as the train rumbled along on it's way and by next morning 7 AM Thursday , 7th December 1967 I alighted at Madras ( Chennai ) Central Railway Station and by now I was quite familiar with that buzzling metropolis on the southern shores of Bay of Bengal . I have arrived at the port of my embarkation , took my luggage , booked into a nearby NO STAR hotel , freshened up , and ready to go into the city to make preparations for my departure . Let me get my thoughts in proper order and then I will tell you what I have done on that eventful day .

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