IV My Autobiography

Posted November 27, 2013 from United States

FOUR : MY AUTOBIOGRAPHY : Having paid my respects , regards , obeisance to all those aforementioned souls who could not welcome my arrival on Mother Earth but I know THEY are Blessing me from Their Heavenly Abode , I herewith commence my life journey . What is the scene like . It is approaching 8.30 PM Indian Standard Time Saturday 10 November 1934 . My father and maternal grandfather are in the front verandah waiting . My sister is playing somewhere in the rambling house along with my two cousin sisters . My maternal grandmother , my great aunt , my maternal aunt are in watchful expectancy observing masterly active attendance . The Mid Wife Meerabi is doing what needs to be done in her own way making use of her expertise . All of them know that my mom is ready and in those days as there is no ultrasound , no amniocentesis , none have any clue whether it is going to be a boy or girl , even though I have an idea they all wish for a boy as there are no boys in the family on my mother's side . Right then exactly at 8.30 PM IST on the aforementioned Saturday midwife Meerabi safely delivered me and I let out a lustful cry as I took my first breath , but I am surprised to see joy on their faces while me crying , uncomfortable , would somebody stop smiling and do something to make me warm , clean and comfortable - I hope and pray and keep crying - wait and see what happens -- ! ?

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