FIVE - V - My Life Story

Posted November 28, 2013 from United States

FIVE - V - My Life My Autobiography : Now I am a neonate , a new born , a nascent one , that first night , not that first night you are thinking of , but my first night in this world , I have lost all my previous knowledge of who I am , but now a helpless , totally dependent little creature crying , hungry and then my Amma tried to pacify me , tried to breast feed but only succeeded in giving me colostrum which is good for my immunity . Meanwhile Amma gave me few drops of glucose water , a drop of honey and I am happy . My midwife Meerabee washed me cut my umbilical cord , my embryological gateway in my Mother's womb , intra-uterine pathway and my biological connection to Amma is severed , but now I am happy with physical proximate contact with warmth in the lap of Mother who is happy and we both are totally one on one . That night except the children in the house no one slept and I can hear everyone happily chatting about me and I am happy to hear how cute I am , how I look like my father and mother and my maternal grand parents are so happy to welcome a boy that is me into their house hold . In those day in 1930s a Boy is a Joy , but of course times are changed and a welcome change too , boy or girl , same with equal rights and importance . With those pleasant thoughts , happy , contented , feeling clean , warm and cozy I slept that First Night of Saturday , 10 November 1934 - I await Sunrise and let us wait and see what happens next - friends be patient I am just one day neonate na ----

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