SIX - VI - Story of My Life

Posted November 29, 2013 from United States

SIX - My Life My Story My Autobiography - The second day of my birth dawned with sunrise right in front of my natal home . Mom and me are put in a ritual protective quarantine for ten days . Except for midwife Meerabee coming everyday to clean me up and help Mother in getting freshened up , no one is allowed into my sanctum sanctorum and if any one wishes to congratulate us need to wash their hands and feet and just look at us from a distance and depart . This is to protect both me and mom from any post partum puerperal complications . I see mom with hair covered by a cloth and her waist tightly bound by means of a long piece of cloth and this is to facilitate her womb to shrink back to normal ; the womb which has been my own Ivory Tower , A palace for ten months prior to 10 November 1934 . Now my mother was able to breast feed me and me being treated like a prince , the ten days of protective isolation are over and we both became an accepted part of family routine - the D-day has arrived - so what next ????

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