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SEVEN - VII - MY LIFE STORY CONTINUED : Tuesday 20 November 1934 : My D-Day number two - D-Day Number one was 10th November my Day of Delivery , Down To Mother Earth Day - This is the first of many D-Days that will follow in my eight decades of existence - I will come to that one by one in course of time as and when Time permits . Now back to D-Day II - eleventh day of my neonatal life . It is Dedication Day , Naming Day , Purification Day , Horoscope Casting Day . Natal home is full of relatives whom I am meeting for the first time - relatives from near and far . The labor room is sanctified . Mom and me are given a ritualistic ceremonial purification bath . Midwife Meerabee is duly rewarded and I have been dressed up and dobbed with black marks on my forehead , cheeks , tip of nose and chin , it is I believe to ward off evil eye . My father An Astrologer cum Pandit cast my horoscope - I am A Scorpio - Star ' MOOLA ' = Foundation / Root Star , Moon in Dhanus ( Sagittarius ) and it is proclaimed that I would live beyond 80 years which seems to be holding up as of today . It was decided that my Name should start with ' BAA ' as in 'baa baa black sheep' . Lo and behold my Father named me ' BALAKRISHNAMURTHY , I am not yet adopted into Ramaraju Family , so I am still A KANUKOLLU ; Now I have A name Tag , An Identification and henceforth till that future day when I am going to be adopted into Ramaraju Family , I am Named " BALAKRISHNAMURTHY KANUKOLLU " - now it is time for my feeding and feast for all guests , exchange of presents , gifts , pleasantries . Now I look forward to my neonatal life and further progress as an infant --

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