Part VIII - My Story continued

Posted December 1, 2013 from United States

EIGHT - VIII - My Life - My Story An Autobiography - continued ----- November of 1934 , last week , days are becoming shorter , and nights cooler . No electricity , no electric bulbs , no ceiling fans - where is Thomas Alva Edison . An earthen bowl full of castor oil with lighted wick and kerosene lantern for light. Open windows for cool breeze wafting indoors and me cool, cozy , comfortable . No radio , no aakaasa vaani , no vaanoli nilayam - Not Marconi but it is Jagadish Chandra Bose the inventor . No Telephone , no doora vaani , Alexander Graham Bell working on it . All said done all quiet and peace at home inside as well out side . I am being well taken care of by mother , grand mother and great aunt . I am not exposed to outside for fear of birds doing what they do . My shriveled umbilical cord is put into a Silver tube-like talisman threaded and wrapped around my waist . My waist is also adorned with threaded small mango-shaped gold nuggets , all of you see I am the Apple Of The Eye for one and all and to my maternal grandparents most of all , and in their hearts and minds an idea of adoption at a future date has taken root . So on and so forth , days and weeks rolled by and I am put into a cradle with toy birds whirling above and me lullabied . I am fast growing and able to recognize mother , father , and rest of house hold as well . 1934 November , December , and on to 1935 January , February are over without much to talk about . The only exciting thing that happened during February 1935 well past into my third month of existence , you know what - I was able to turn over on to my tummy prone , lift my head up and look at my surroundings - that is how I acquired my cervical lordosis . It is time to travel with mother , father , my elder sister , and me of course to my father's place of profession - wait and I will take you there from Koritepaadu Guntur -- where is that - you have to be patient ---

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