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TEN : X - My Life , My Story , My Autobiography : my nephew , my follower Ramesh Mehar , this chapter to your desire ; here I am in the year of 1935 and hope all others are also with me . Me now named balakrishnamurthy am going through my milestones ( not mill stones ) of rolling , crawling , trying to stand and family members from my father's side come to bless me . Before I proceed with my evolution , it is beholden on my part to remember all those well wishers and places they have come from ; they are all from Krishna District , my father's native district - first relatives from VADAALI , my father's birth village where his maternal uncle is Village KaraNam ( administrator ) , second from AVIRIPUDI where his father was Village KaraNam , third from NIMMAKURU his ancestral village , fourth from ELAKURRU where he worked as a family physician for some time , fifth from GHANTTASAALA his present place of profession as a Physician , and from BEZAWADA to which town he decided to move in a short while . Thank You All Those Bygone People of Bygone days for coming and blessing me and I reached my present stage because of all those countless Blessings . Now let me revert back to my mile stones . It is a well proven axiom that Ontogeny repeats Phylogeny and vice versa . I faithfully followed that scientific truth and true to what Charles Darwin wrote in ORIGIN OF LIFE , I evolved from being a fish and an amphibian in mother's womb , my wings have been clipped and became Scapulae shoulder blades lest I take flight , my monkey tail shriveled to a tiny Coccyx , my gills have disappeared in utero , and then I started crawling on my tummy and past three months I am going around on my knees and palms - A Quadriped , and finally able to stand up hanging on to tables and chairs on the way to become A Biped . Parents have decided to wean me away from breast feeding and fixed an auspicious to put me on a soft semi solid food - This was another important mile stone after Naming , Putting me in The Cradle , Exposing to Outside World and This Milestone is known as ' ANNAPRAASANA ' - first taste of semi solid food - well cooked rice with molk , mixed with honey and fine sugar in a silver bowl and feeding me with a silveer spoon and a gold ring - to be done by maternal uncle and since I had no maternal uncle , my parents and paternal uncles fed me that first divine sweet food and i am on my way towards my First Birthday bash on November 10 , 1935 which I am sure was a very memorable occasion not only for me but for all my folks . Now I am slowly and steadily moving around on my feet and say my first words AMMA , THAATHA - me on my way to explore what lies outside --- let me get to knowoutside world first before I can share with you all - I am right Okay ---

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