ELEVEN - XI - MY LIFE STORY - 1935 TO 1939 : My First Birth Anniversary is over . I am moving around on my feet and getting to know outside world . I watch sun rises and sun sets , moon nights and star-lit skies . Days becoming weeks , weeks merging into months , and months into couple of years and more . Now I am past 3 and half years . Vocabulary is improving . In those days there was no pre-school stage , so I am happily spending most of time with my elder sister at home. My mom is carrying , so me . and mom are back in my maternal grandparents' home . One more important achievement is from my 3rd year age on wards I can remember and I am happy to state that my memory goes back to 76 years and hence forth all that I write is my own first hand account , not any presumption , assumption , or imagination . Now I have a young brother , MuraLi , but alas he soon was no more due to broncho-pneumonia ; that is my first encounter with death and I came to know he passed away because of non-availability of Penicillin - it will be years before Sir Alexander Fleming made his memorable discovery of Penicillin and I was sorry that had penicillin been available my young brother MuraLi would have been saved . My life goes on . My stay at Koritepaadu is more frequent as my maternal aunt became afflicted by small pox and passed away when I was almost 5years of age . I remember being not allowed to see my aunt who was kind to me due to quarantine enforcement of isolation . It was very sad and within a short period of two years I became acquainted with two deaths and my aunt left behind two daughters of almost my age . Being of so innocent of age all we children forgot all about tragedy surrounding us but it is not so for my grandparents . That was the reason my father shifted to Guntur , bought a small house in Brodipet 5th line with financial assistance from Great Grand Aunt and he set up practice in Guntur after a short unsatisfactory sojourn in Bezawada of which town I have only a vague recollection . The outcome of all this is that from my 5th year on wards I became a permanent resident of my maternal grandparents' homein Koritepaadu and my bonding with them gradually evolved which in future will lead to my being adopted by them . My schooling is about to start - I am not very happy at the looming prospect of being put in a school - so let me settle down emotionally before I start my school - I am not in a hurry neither I am very keen about school , so please bear with me ---