XII - MY Life Story

Posted December 10, 2013 from United States

PAGE TWELVE aka PART XII - MY LIFE STORY : --- Let me digress , let me pause and look back . I keep going back and forth and that is how I tell you my story . After all it is my story and I have the freedom to tell it the way I like it . Going back along the past 80 years brings back all memories of my infancy , childhood , adolescence , youth , middle age and forth to present reality . The past 80 years has not been a giant leap , but a slow step by step , by increments of ones , twos , and fives of years . Sometimes I might repeat what I have already said , and that is because I love to say it . Before I was born way back in 11/1934 , I might have gone through 864,000 cycles of birth and you know what it is . But all that is lost in interstellar cosmic dust . The present cycle commenced sometime in January 1934 and I spent 10 months wallowing in my Mom's womb , an intra-uterine existence . The first half of that ten months I was shapeless , form less , may be unlivable lifeless , brainless not that I am stupid but my higher intellectuality has not taken shape as A Brain ,A Midbrain , A Corpus Collosum , A Pons , A Medulla Oblongata and A Spinal Cord , I was heart-less not that I am cruel but my heart has not yet started beating , I was Spineless not that I am a coward but my vertebral column is not built around A primitive Notochord , in a nutshell I am an incomplete useless burden to carry but Mom continued to nourish me all through . My second half of that intra-uterine ten months I was a swimmer floating with a cord emerging my umbilicus to mom's uterine endometrium , a life line as for a spaceman , conveying to and fro all that is required to my innards through my Vitello Intestinal ductal system . I was , true to science born out of water as Naaraayan who also was born out of primordial waters - Naara = water , Yana = born out of . Naaraayan had an Umbilical cord stretching out into a lotus which was the seat of all knowledge and my umbilical cord also expanded into a lotus-like Placenta , how pleasant it was to have not only nourishment but also all the genetic knowledge and all inherited traits flowing in and out . At that time none knew whether I am an XX or an XY and my parents were not interested to know also and even if I were to be an XX they would not have resorted to female infanticide as we all believe in equality between XX and XY and it is a fact that majority of my family members before and after my origin are XX . So it came to pass as we have already seen that I am down here on 11/1934 and for the first two years I am completely ignorant , completely helpless and totally dependent . Thanks to all , the next two years I slowly became aware , cognizant , to certain extent less dependent and now in June 1939 my father decided to put me in school and I am waiting with all trepidation , anxiousness and I am afraid what it will be like in school . Now I revert back to starting of education that will determine my future ; of course at that time no one knew what I would be - sera sera = what will be will be and my father has decided on that first step as he was going to do at every stage of my life as long as he was alive , it was my life as arranged by my father and I have no regrets - now let me take you to the next stage and wait to see how things will turn out - I take my time after all it is my time and I hope you can spare a little of your time - I know your time is precious , but still I can hope , can't I ? --

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