Beginning of my education - outside home my sojourn . My first step yet a big one into world to learn . Auspicious D-Day , in hand A Slate and pencil earthen In Vernacular 'matti palaka and balapam' as they are known A Pandit , A Guru , A Priest , A Learned Wise Braahman Made me write with ' Balapam ' on 'matti' Slate Earthen - The following Divine Invocation :

" oh , na , ma , ha

si , va , ya , ha

siddham namaha '

Lord Siva , DakshiNaamoorthy , GaNesha - I am ready , Parents , well wishers , friends and all Bless me As One .

My school is half a block away from my home , across the street , now my grand father gave me a sweet ( a laddu ) to pacify my trepidation , held my hand and walked me out , proceed to left and there I was in the school . School itself is one spacious hall enclosed within mud walls and a thatched roof , with mats to sit on and all boys , no girls , ages from 5 years to 10 years . I was introduced to The Teacher 'master gaaru '. It is a one teacher cum one room school . The teacher's name is Saambireddy Sir , a tall imposing kind gentleman , who welcomed me with an affectionate smile and all my fear went away . The teacher , in course of time I found out is very popular , non-threatening , never held a cane in his hand , and loved by all children , liked by parents and elders of the village who honored him in later years by naming the street 'Master Saambireddy Street' which hitherto was known as main street . In that private school I am going to spend next five years , learning , gaining knowledge , getting ready to enter the portals of higher learning stage by stage . Let me take a break here and wil soon narrate my schooling as briefly and at the same time as lucidly as possible with all respects to my first Gurus - Mother , Father ,Grandparents , and of course Saambireddy Sir ---