My Learning Process II

Posted December 15, 2013 from United States

Page XV - Fifteen - Me becoming a literate : When I was 5 years way back in 1939 my literacy journey started with ' oh na ma si va ya (s)' and by 1944 when I was 10 years my learning process has advanced to 1. writing and reading Thelugu , English , and Samskrutham ; 2. getting by heart 20 Thelugu poems with their meaning from Sathakams - Sathakam is a book of 100 poems - Sumathi Sathakam , Vemana Sathakam , Krishna Sathakam , and Daasaraddhi Sathakam ; 3. Mathematics ( a bug bear for me ) - additions , subtractions , multiplications , divisions , and by heart multiplication table up to 20 times 20 ( Ekkamulu ) - all this thanks to Guru Mater Saambireddy Sir which I have mentioned before . Now my father , my grandfather and Sir decided I am ready to join a proper Middle School with English as medium of instruction . I am about to enter A Public School - Saambireddy Sir was honored with new clothes , fruits and a fee for the wonderful five years I spent in his Gurukulam - let me take you soon to my further literacy journey in a short while - Krishna .

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