19.Continuation of my High School sojourn from 1945 to 1949 at MG HS , Brodipet , Guntur , Andhra Bhaarath - my Gurus : Sri SV Rangarao gaaru who taught British and Indian History , drawings of Rivers , Ports ,Maps of Cities - One India at that time - from Peshawar in the west to Chittagong in the east , from Srinagar in the north to Kanyakumaari in the south , Karachi to Calcutta ( not Kolkata ) , Bombay ( not Mumbai ) to Madras ( not Chennai ) ; Sri Hanumantharao gaaru teaching English , Science and General Mathematics ; Sri Narasimhasastry gaaru who taught Thelugu and Samskrutham ( Hindi not compulsory then ) , and Sri Annapoornasastry gaaru trying to make me understand General Chemistry which he neither succeded in teaching me nor I succeeded in understanding Chemistry and so that leading to my first failure in my educational career where in I got only 18 % in General Chemistry in my final SSLC Exams of Madras Board . Looking back it was funny how all made fun of my failure and prophesied that I am fit only as a buffalo herd ( we had one she buffalo domesticated during those days ) and I am going to prove them wrong and I did passing my repeat SSLC finals in May 1949 with 60 % marks in Chemsitry and above 50 % in all other subjects - the lesson I learnt not to let one failure to put me down - so I rose up like a Phoenix and was ready by July 1949 to join A College - which College - you have to wait for the end of my summer vacation - let me savor my success in SSLC and spend holidays from May 1949 to July 1949 !!!!!!!

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